Buy Medihemp CBD Oil Raw 10% CBD




TBuy Medihemp CBD Oil Raw 10% CBD

Buy Medihemp CBD Oil Raw 10% CBD. Cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil. The active substances of the CBD oil are CBD / CBDa: 10% ±1000mg.CBD: ± 800mg en CBDa: ± 200mg. This oil contains high quality essential proteins, vitamin B and E, minerals. Carotene and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

It contributes to your health.

More and more people use this oil and share their experiences. Experience now what CBD oil does with you. Read the manual before use!.

The base oil of CBD oil from MediHemp is cold-pressed, organic hemp seed oil. The CBD extract is obtaine by modern soft CO2 techniques. All valuable and healthy components from the whole hemp plant can be found in MediHemp CBD oil.Medihemp CBD Oil Raw 10% CBD. Buy Medihemp CBD Oil Raw 10% CBD

Active substances in this CBD oil:

  • CBD / CBDa: 10% ±1000mg
  • CBD: ± 800mg
  • CBDa: ± 200mg

This hemp is cultivated on EU certified, sunny arable fields in Austria. The seeds were not subject to gen technology. The cultivation is done traditionally through manual harvest and selection.Buy Medihemp CBD Oil Raw 10% CBD

Hemp seed oil
Hemp seed oil contains high-quality.Essential proteins, vitamin B and E, minerals, carotene and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Natural CO2 extraction

As traditional as the hemp plants are grown and harvested is, as modern is the extraction of the CBD. With the help of modern cold CO2 extraction.Valuable components from the flower buds and parts of the plant are preserved. Apart from CBD and CBD acid, the cannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBN and CBV are richly present. The valuable pigments, terpenes and phenols from hemp are also present. Making MediHemp CBD oil very healthy.

CBD has no psychedelic effect, you won’t get high or stoned from it. The CBD oil is a food supplement. Store on a dry and cool place, the shelf-life is 1 year.

Buy Medihemp CBD Oil Raw 10% CBD

Use of CBD oil:
The appropriate dosage is different for each of us. Start with taking in 2 drops under the tongue. Preferably you start with this in the evening. Swallow the drops after about 30 seconds under the tongue. The dosage can be increase with one drop at a time according to one’s need. Maximum 2x 5 drops per 24 hours.

The difference between MediHemp Bio CBD Oil and MediHemp CBD Oil:

Bio MediHemp CBD Oil

  •  Made from organic hemp seed oil and added CBD
  • Tastes very well, slight nutty flavor
  • Produced through oil extraction

Normal MediHemp CBD Oil

  • The whole plant is without any additions. Resulting in extra Cannabinoids apart from CBD and CBDA.
  • Tastes bitter and sharp
  • Produced through CO2 extraction


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